Seamless Content Management for all digital media

Falcon editorial provides a flexible framework to create, assemble and distribute newspapers, magazines and documentation. Use popular programs such as MS Word, InCopy, Photoshop and InDesign to create and organize your publishing projects. Versitile workflows organize the editing and production process.

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Falcon is designed to encourage collaboration with the community, stringers, partner publications, and in the newsroom. Changing work habits and distributed workforces demand a flexible solution. Falcon Editorial can manage your content for various formats transforming and distributing your content across platforms including websites, news agregators, archive systems or third-party e-commerce opportunities. Falcon Editorial manages text, graphics, audio and video which are assembled into acticles for multi-channel distribution.

Cloud base Publishing System

Falcon Editorial Online is browser-based running on any PC or phone platform. Write content using the built in Word Processor then create an article by associating companion content such as photos, videos and graphics.The core XML content can be transformed then delivered to multiple outlets.

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