No Up-Front Costs plus Easy Administration

There are no up-front costs to your newspaper or credit card fees to pay. Administrative tools allow you to add or manage entries, view credit card logs and access revenue reports. The contest site is hosted at APT's state of the art hosting facility and no other APT products are required to manage a contest.

Community bulletin board

Community News Contest

Simply choose the dates for registration and voting, what type of contest you would like to run and what prizes will be awarded. With so many different contest ideas to choose from, you can run multiple contests throughout the year.

    How do I set up a contest?
  • Email with your contact information to receive our contest setup instructions
    How does APT's revenue-share program work?
  • APT collects all online credit card income during the contest
  • APT provides a revenue report to the newspaper once the contest ends
  • APT keeps their contest fee of 12% of the total gross revenue (minimum $300), then mails a check to the newspaper for the remaining credit card income collected
    What additional benefits are there?
  • The set up and configuration of your contest site is included at no charge
  • All Credit Card fees are paid by APT
  • The newspaper keeps 100% of all banner ad revenue

Reader's Choice Contest

Simply decide which categories will be included in the contest then choose the dates for nominations and voting. Once voting begins, you can choose whether to show the vote totals or keep them hidden. At the end of the contest, we will provide a report showing the vote totals for each category.

Choice-Fork in the road

Praise for APT's Contests

You have been above and beyond on how you helped us so much! Last minute issues; technical help; advice;
fixing entries for us - everything! so customer oriented!
You have a great system - Kerri and I love running our contests through you.

Leslie G., Graphic Artist, Herald Banner Publications

Thanks for working with us. You are amazing!

Melody Brunson, Publisher, Washington Times Herald

Everything looks great!! Thank you so much!

Laurie Gay, General Manager/Advertising Director, The Moultrie Observer

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Burbank, CA 91510