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Falcon PowerPlan - Ad Layout


Excellent replacement for AdForce and ALS

PowerPlan offers a seamless transition path from AdForce and ALS. It accepts the same advertising manifest files and users will be comfortable with the interface in minutes. Powerplan has several features not available In AdForce or ALS that streamline the overall production process.

The Simply Powerful Layout System

PowerPlan is the publication planning tool to produce efficient, and visually stunning publications in no time at all. PowerPlan handles complicated advertisement booking requests to accommodate even the most complex publications. PowerPlan's sophisticated placement engine creates layouts with surgical precision.

Simple to Use

PowerPlan's simple and intuitive design provides the power of sophisticated tools without weeks of expensive user training and integration. Whether using the automatic placement engine, or manually placing ads with drag and drop, PowerPlan combines speed with ease of use.

Late Ad Support

PowerPlan can be used to build a layout incrementally throughout the billing cycle.

Precision Layout

PowerPlan utilizes industry standards for ad placement including gravity, page position, color position, coupon placement, and multi-page items.

Tight Design

PowerPlan calculates publication sizes based on advertising and editorial volume, and suggests tightly designed layouts to save newsprint.

Flexible Format

PowerPlan accepts multiple page formats in a layout including different numbers of columns, as well as row-based layout for true modular design.

Ad Repels

PowerPlan can restrict placement of ads to prevent competing advertisers or incompatible ads from placing near each other.

Paper Models

PowerPlan can define and maintain a library of fixed pages, templates, and press configurations that specify color positions, and physical section layout.


PowerPlan imports advertisement booking requests from all major third-party advertising order entry systems, as well as exports ad geometry and placement information directly into all major third-party pagination solutions including QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, and Scribus. In addition, PowerPlan natively exports advertising and publication information for a complete electronic workflow.

Item Tracking

PowerPlan provides a high level of tracking capabilities. PowerPlan enables the tracking of the status of pages and advertisements from creation through proofing to final output. Definable color schemes show the status of pages or advertisements as they move through the production workflow.

Customized Reporting

PowerPlan includes flexible reporting capabilities. Export publication information for distribution throughout an organization with web-browser based report generation. Leveraging the power of XML and XML Stylesheets PowerPlan enables user-defined statistical reporting.

Open Standards

PowerPlan is built on open standards technology to remain at the cutting-edge of an ever changing landscape. Using core technologies such as XML, and XAP, PowerPlan can easily adapt to changes in both workflow and technology.


Reduce manual editing through completely automated pagination. Gain more efficiency and security through an automated workflow – one that links the planning, pagination and page assembly systems. Plan earlier as pagination is not dependent on advertising production since it is based on geometric and not composition data. Experience time and cost savings through later advertising deadlines.



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